board game club
Borard Game Club is a widely enjoyed 6 in 1 game app for iPod touch, iPad and iPhone users. It offers all game lovers with richest feature set, such as personalize game roles for you and your friends, 3 skill level human-simulated AI players let you feel like play with real man, easy to navigate interface, bring great joy to your everyday life.
This set of game integrated 6 most popular board game in it, which will bring you more choices than any of other games can offer, you deserve to have the whole collection!

Collection of 6 board games

Checkers Backgammmon Chess Connectfour Reversi Ludo

Create Multiple Game Roles

Create several characters with personalized Avatar for you, your family and friends! Multiple face shapes, expression, hair styles, glasses, suites and different colors for your choice. You decorate it, and enjoy the pleasure of game-play time.

Game statistic such as winning percentage and score tracking for each of the character you created will be recorded accordingly.

Three Level of AI Players

Three skill levels of AI player: Beginner, Expertl and Master. No matter you are a newbie, skilled player or enthusiast, there are always one you can choose to be your opponent. Many other board game apps make machine-made mistakes at easier level--not fun! Our AI system provides a fun, challenging opponent, you’ll feel like play with real person.

Player VS Player Mode

In VS Mode, you can play with other on the same iPod, iPad or iPhone, and the screen is your beautiful chess board, and you’ll savor every single touch of it!

Local Network Play

This set of game support local network play with other iPod, iPad or iPhone via Bluetooth, if your family members or friends also have this game, you can connect and play the game together. And it will add great fun to your family of friend parties.